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Recognition of professional qualification?

The EU tells how.

Urs Gassmann, Director of ODEC and President of EurEta for 2008-2013 spoke with Prof. Dr. Theodorus Koutroubas about Directive 2005/26/EC, concerning the recognition of professional qualifications in the EU.



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July 2016

Register within EurEta and support the international mobility of professionals.







The future of many educational and economical problems is to build up a strong higher education, with a strong profile, parallel to the academic education.



EurEta, the European Association of Practice-oriented Professionals with Higher Education 


Who are the EurEta Professionals?

EurEta brings together two types of professionals:

  • the EurEta registered Professionals
  • and the EurEta registered Engineers


What is the EurEta Registry of these two categories of Professionals?

By registering professionals coming from different national educational systems but having at minimum the same competences and skills, EurEta offers a guarantee of quality to the customers whilst at the same time contributing to rendering the European educational landscape more transparent, functional and growth-oriented. Our Registry means that no matter where they come from and what are the formal titles they have acquired through their system of national education, all EurEta Registered Professionals or Engineers are able to provide the same high-quality services at their level

What is the role of EurEta as a representative Body of these professions?

EurEta has the vocation to bring the collective voice of the professionals figuring on its Registry to the European Commission, Parliament and Council every time that issues concerning their sector are debated. At the same time, our organization has the task to inform these institutions and the general public, of all evolutions relating to these professionals at the level of States, promoting their work and their role as important agents of growth.

EurEta strongly believes in fact, that the way to growth and sustainable development of the European economies passes by the strengthening of the high level of education and formation of practice-oriented professionals.

Practice-oriented higher education is in fact becoming increasingly important for the economy. In the recent years, as a consequence of the crisis, several countries who had in the past neglected this level have begun building it up again. The EU has also quite recently recognized the added-value of practical professionals and has begun promoting their work.

  • Who can become a Member of EurEta?
  • Proactive organizations which do not want to wait until others make the decisions for them, find in EurEta their umbrella organization
  • Practice-orientated professionals who occupy an increasingly important role in the economic future of their countries, who wish to position themselves internationally and be mobile.

EurEta makes individual education at its level internationally comparable and understandable.


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